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You’ve been looking for a counselor or therapist that gets it.

You’ve gone through this song and dance 100 times. You Google “counseling in Colorado Springs, CO” and every counselor under the sun pops up. Some have websites with every cool feature you can imagine. Things fly across the screen. Pictures of super happy people in nature jump in front of your face. Am I sure I should be seeing this many happy people? Shouldn’t at least one of them be sad? Sure, it’s a nice website. But, do they get it? Do they get you?

Altitude Counseling Gets It, And We Can Help

An individual holds a handful of coins with a piece of paper that reads "make a change" to encourage you to consider making a change in your own life by starting counseling or therapy with one of our mental health clinicians in the Colorado Springs, CO area!

At Altitude Counseling, we specialize in counseling for badass people that are tired of listening to the negative voice in their head. And, are ready to do the work of changing patterns and finding a way to believe that they are truly enough. Our counselors are all too familiar with the battles that you’re facing. Most importantly, they can help you win the war. 

What sets apart Altitude Counseling from other counseling practices?

You’re probably asking yourself this question right now. You and I know both know how many options are available. What’s more, the world of online therapy has opened up those options even more. There are many counseling practices, likely in your neighborhood, that you can pick from. Some are suspiciously cheap while others cost more than a mortgage payment. On top of that, it seems like every counselor in Colorado Springs, CO has a laundry list of what they specialize in. Some specialize in EMDR, PTSD treatment, CBT, and other letter combinations that you’re not familiar with. So, with all of this in mind, what makes Altitude Counseling special? 

Exceptional customer service

Two individuals are holding hands in session. This reflects the supportive relationship with a therapist that can develop when you attend counseling with one of our therapists in Colorado Springs, CO with Altitude Counseling.

Our counselors truly care about you. Therefore, it is our number one goal to provide exceptional customer service to our clients. We pay attention to the small details, such as creating a clean and relaxing environment free from clutter and chaos. You’ll notice the candles that are lit and the calming lighting. Our space is designed to serve as a relaxing, cleansing environment. In addition, we take that same level of care with each interaction we have with you. Every phone call, email, or text will be illuminated with consideration. 

Intentionality in our counseling sessions

Our counselors take the time to get to know you. We want to know what matters to you, instead of just “what’s the matter with you.” Our counselors want to know what gives your life purpose.  And, what you’re good at it. In addition, our counselors want to understand what you are truly wanting to accomplish. We set goals together. And, come up with both creative and scientifically proven ways to meet those goals.

Our commitment to ensuring that Altitude Counseling is a good fit

Our intentions will be clear from the beginning: to make sure we are the best counseling practice for your needs. You’ll see this in the first interaction with Tory, our scheduler. Tory takes the time to listen to what you are needing. And, will pair you with an experienced counselor. From there, you’ll see this when we determine which clinician will best suit your needs. Overall, we want you to feel cared for and like you matter, because you do.

Consistency and transparency in our process

A woman smiles in a photo. This represents the emotional freedom and happiness that can come from working with a therapist. Our therapists provide high quality counseling and therapy in Colorado Springs, CO.

Your counselor will reach out to you once you are scheduled to answer any questions you may have. The first session is all about getting to know you. It is important that you feel comfortable with your counselor. The trust and relationship you build with your counselor is one of the most important parts of the process. Our counselors take the time to tailor your sessions based on your personality, needs, and preferences. Our counselors also feel it is important to provide collaborative care. If, and only if, it is beneficial to your treatment. We do this by connecting with any other care providers that you may be working with. This is of course with your permission. Privacy is also something we value at Altitude Counseling. We take great care in ensuring that you feel confident that what you share in session, stays in session. 

Where you can find us

We are conveniently located right off of I-25 and Garden of the Gods. There are some great restaurants and coffee shops nearby such as La Bella Vita and Kairos Coffee. We are a nine-minute drive to Garden of the Gods, which provides beautiful views and hiking trails. For shopping convenience, University Center shopping center is a quick five-minute drive where Lowes, Kohls, and Trader Joe’s are located.

Begin Counseling in Colorado Springs, CO

A picture shows a place holder that reads "start with us." Our therapists offer high quality counseling and therapy services in Colorado Springs, CO so you can start your journey to better mental health by saying "yes" to therapy!

At Altitude Counseling, we offer many services both at our Colorado Springs counseling practice and through online therapy in Colorado. We’re able to help teens, families, women, and men navigate the different experiences they are having.  Our therapists are trained to offer CBT and EMDR.  We offer therapy for bereavementdepression, anxiety, trauma, PTSD, and substance use. For families, we offer teen counselingcounseling for new mothers, counseling for childhood neglect, and IFS.  When you’re ready to begin counseling in Colorado Springs, CO, follow these steps:

  1. Get to know our counselors.
  2. Begin to invest in yourself and your future!

300 Garden of the Gods Rd, Ste 200
Colorado Springs, CO 80907

(719) 428-2952

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