Individual Therapy in Colorado

You’ve come to the point that you know you can’t do this alone anymore.

You’re exhausted. Overwhelmed. Just really tired of how things have been. For quite some time, you haven’t wanted to come to this point. You came up with things that “worked” and used these until they didn’t work anymore. Maybe you convinced yourself that you would just “move on” and “get over it.” Well, here we are. And, you’re not over it. Which is okay! But, you know that this isn’t working anymore.

Therapy can give you the support you’re looking for.

Sure, there are times that you feel completely alone. It feels like there’s nothing you can do to make it better. However, that’s not the case. Starting therapy in Colorado Springs, CO can be the piece you’re missing. At Altitude Counseling, we’re able to help you navigate a variety of experiences. Our team of therapists are incredibly trained and skilled. They have years of experience helping people just like you navigate the situations you’re experiencing. Our counselors are trained to provide a variety of treatments that have been shown to work.

Common Reasons People Come to Counseling

The truth is, people come to counseling for many different reasons. And our Colorado, Co counselors have the experience and training to help you with a wide range of issues.  Below are just a few of the specific issues we frequently provide counseling for in our practice.

A photo shows a female with her eyes closed. She represents someone starting individual therapy in Colorado Springs, CO with Altitude Counseling.

Grief counseling

Grief: it’s a universal experience, but no two people experience it in the same way. It can feel lonely and isolating. It can feel as if you are going crazy, and like the pain will never go away. Loss takes many forms: The loss of someone you love, a pet, a relationship or marriage, a job, or finances. If you are experiencing the pain of a loss in your life, it helps to have the support and someone to help make sense of it all. Our approach to grief counseling can help you to move forward with your life while still having a place for your loss.

Emotional Childhood Neglect

Stuff is coming up, and it doesn’t make sense. Your past showing up in your present. Some might say you had a rocky childhood. For some of us, we experienced something that has rocked us to our core. And, we can have a hard time recovering from this. Fortunately, we’re able to provide therapy for childhood emotional neglect. Our therapists are trained to provide trauma therapy and PTSD treatment for individuals that are navigating previous trauma and neglect. For some, this includes EMDR therapy. Most importantly, we are trained in helping to heal in a gentle and supportive way.

Depression Treatment

Depression can have a HUGE impact on your life. It may feel as if it is impossible to complete day to day tasks. It is hard to explain what you are feeling. Or, even why you’re feeling this way. On top of that, you can’t always put the impacts it has on you in words. It might feel as if you are drowning and you see no way to keep your head above water. Fortunately, depression counseling can be a great option for you. Our approach to depression treatment will help you to rediscover the joy you’re missing in your life. When providing depression counseling, we often incorporate cognitive-behavioral therapy.

Anxiety Treatment

Experiencing symptoms of anxiety can feel like you’re trying to stand on unstable ground. Anxiety can make it difficult to navigate daily situations that we encounter. Anxiety can come from a variety of different situations. Sometimes it’s something that we feel longterm, while other times it’s more of an ‘isolate’ incident. Regardless, anxiety treatment can help you navigate this experience. Through anxiety treatment, our therapists can teach you skills to cope with the anxiety that you’re feeling. In addition, our anxiety therapists will help you to notice the patterns between your thoughts, feeling, and actions that contribute to the anxiety you feel.

Online Therapy for Life Transitions

Someone uses a laptop. They are starting online therapy in Colorado with Altitude Counseling. Our therapists can help you anywhere in Colorado (Denver, Colorado Springs or even Grand Junction) through online counseling.

Changes can be difficult to deal with at any stage of life. Whether it’s a change in your family, having a baby, a move, the ending of a relationship, a new career, it can be difficult to find a new sense of normal. Starting online therapy in Colorado can help with these transitions. Online therapy offers unique benefits. This includes added convenience and more options for providers. On top of that, online therapy is flexible enough to work for you in life transitions!


Therapy for Men

Regardless of your sex or gender, most people will benefit from talking to a therapist. Therapy for men can help you to navigate the problems that you experience. And, that you feel like you can’t talk to anyone about. Therapy for men serves as a place for you to explore the experiences you’re having in a judgment-free and open space. There are no expectations placed on you during our sessions. Our role is to provide you the support that you so willingly extend to others.

LGBTQ+ Counseling

At Altitude Counseling, we welcome everyone! Being part of the LGBTQ+ community can, unfortunately, be a struggle and often comes with a lack of understanding and support. You can find support at Altitude Counseling!

Begin Individual Therapy in Colorado Springs, CO

A person in a wheelchair uses an ipad. They represent someone looking to start individual therapy in Colorado Springs, CO with Altitude Counseling.

You’re ready to feel encouragement and empowerment to help you grow in your personal or spiritual life. Now is the time to prioritize yourself AND make time for things you enjoy without feeling selfish.  Learning to be a better version of yourself is one of the best things you can do—for yourself, and those around you! The process of growing and changing can feel both exciting and lonely.

At Altitude Counseling, our therapists provide you the support to find the happiness you deserve. When you’re ready to begin therapy in Colorado Springs (or online anywhere in Colorado), follow these steps:

  1. Fill out an online appointment request.
  2. Get to know our team of trained, experienced, and caring therapists.
  3. Lean into the future that you deserve!

Other Counseling Services

We’re able to see you in our Colorado Springs centrally located counseling practice or anywhere through online therapy in Colorado. In addition to individual therapy, we offer counseling for couples. We provide premarital counseling and marriage counseling. Additionally, we work with families, teens,  and children. We can’t wait to learn your story!

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