"The Road to Healing Begins Here"

Jadi Fergen Counselor, Owner , MA , LPCC, NCC

You are ready for a change, a shift in your life. You are committed to putting in the effort to have the life you desire.

You are wanting to find your voice, your confidence, and a passion for living.
Maybe you are trying to figure out who you are or who you want to be. This can be a scary and lonely process. It can also be exciting as you discover your strength, your voice, and your inner bad ass.

I can help! We can do it together. I will encourage you and support you every step of the way.
You can find satisfaction strength and meaning in your relationships, your career, and within yourself. When life feels hopeless, change is possible. I see it everyday. It takes strength to ask for help. To contact a stranger and express a desire for something different takes courage. It can be overwhelming trying to find the right fit. Through my own journey, I have learned how empowering it is to feel heard, accepted, and supported in a safe place. Valuing the unique experience of each individual and tailoring the counseling process based on their personal needs is my specialty. I don’t have a formula you need to plug into. Together, we discover what YOU need.

Bring your stress, your sadness, your shame, your anger, and your sense of humor. I will meet you right where you are, and together we can work through it.

I am straightforward and down to earth. I utilize a variety of treatment approaches including EMDR ( results can be seen is as few as 3 sessions). Let me help you find real life tools and develop effective strategies to cope with whatever you may be facing. I offer a free 15 minute phone or in person consultation. There is no obligation. If you feel we are not a good fit, I am happy to help you find someone that is.

*I offer parenting coaching

*I offer relationship coaching.

A photo of Jannette is shown. She offers many services for counseling in Colorado Springs, CO. She offers trauma therapy in Colorado Springs, CO and anxiety counseling in Colorado Springs, CO with Altitude Counseling.Jannette Gonzalez Counselor MA LPC NCC

Let's be real. You're on this page for a reason, though you may not know what that reason is. All you know is that you have to do something, anything, to figure what's going on. You're seeking help. Which. Is. Terrifying. Or at least it can be; but it does not have to end there. I am not sure what your reality is, what brought you here or where you will go from here. However, I would love to join you on your journey. Whether it be depression, anxiety, trauma, relationships, grief or self esteem issues.

A photo of Scot Laird is shown. He offers teen therapy in Colorado Springs, CO and marriage counseling in Colorado Springs, CO with Altitude Counseling.Scot Laird Counselor MA LPCC NCC

As a counselor, I am passionate about building meaningful relationships with my clients. I am here to facilitate change, offer hope, and motivate you to achieve your goals.

I prefer an integrative counseling style, as there is no one size fits all approach. Together, our sessions will be an open dialogue, appearing more like a conversation than a series of questions. I will actively listen to understand your unique set of circumstances without judgment. I will support you as we travel together to find relief. I enjoy working with teens and couples.

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A photo of Jennifer is shown. She offers grief counseling in Colorado Springs, CO with Altitude Counseling.Jennifer Foster, Counselor, MSW RP

Welcome to the beginning of your healing journey. You have made the first step. Sometimes, we just cannot forget the pain, losses, and disappointments that we have experienced. You have survived and you are resilient. Now, it's time to tend to yourself and care for your mind, body, and spirit.

Whether it be relationships, careers, family , or just life, the importance of being heard and seen can transform and motivate us towards a more meaningful life. In my personal journey, I have found that someone who is real with me helped me discover my voice and gain the empowerment necessary for a successful life.

I am passionate about empowering my clients .I believe in educating and assisting them to develop lasting skills and to reach goals towards positive change. I utilize a therapeutic approach through mindfulness, acceptance, cognitive-behavioral therapy, dialectical-behavioral therapy, and child-centered play therapy.

You are worth it. Let's work together to get life going in the direction you want.

Phyllis McComb Counselor, MA, LPCC, NCC

You have been living in survival mode for some time while going through the motions of everyday life. You are feeling out of sync or unsure of the path ahead. You exhausted trying to juggle the pressures of family and relationships. There is hope. There is help. Whether you are looking for extra support during a challenging time or are ready to take your life in an entirely new direction, I’d love to support you along the way.

Photo of Scott McFadden is shown. He is a counselor in Colorado Springs, CO with Altitude Counseling. He offers many services through counseling in Colorado Springs, CO.Scott McFadden. MRC-CD, LPC, LAC

I am a Therapist, Coach, Motivational Addiction Speaker, and Ted Talk Presenter, having given a recent TED Talk on Labels, Shame, and Stigma.

My primary interest is to be a catalyst for positive change in your life and help you work through the individual challenges that keep you from experiencing the kind of life you desire and deserve. Empowering you to work toward the dreams and goals that are important to you is my intention. I have experience and training in working with addictions, depression, anxiety, men’s issues, trauma, and helping individuals build relationship skills and enhancing their self-esteem.

Whenever possible, I like to work with you early in the treatment process to develop an individualized treatment plan to provide direction for our work. I specialize in helping clients with substance abuse issues and in helping men & women realize their immense worth and potential to experience stability and peace in their lives and become the best version of themselves they can be.

At Altitude Counseling we specialize in counseling for badasses that are tired of listening to the negative voice in their head and are ready to do the down and dirty work of changing patterns and finding a way to believe that they are truly enough.

If you're interested in becoming a happier, more fulfilled you, we'd love to work with you.

300 Garden of the Gods Rd, Ste 200
Colorado Springs, CO 80907

(719) 428-2952

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