Couples Counseling

You know this isn’t how things in your relationship should be.

Things aren’t going great. Your relationship feels different than the way it used to. You find yourself thinking about “before.” There’s a lot of “we used to” talk. “We use to have fun.” “We use to have sex.” And, “we used to not say things to purposely hurt the other.” It feels like you’ve tried everything to make your relationship work. Everything from avoiding it and passive-aggressive comments to running into the problem headfirst. But, nothing seems to work. You just feel very stuck. If that sounds familiar, you and your partner could benefit from couples counseling in Colorado Springs, CO.

Couples Counseling in Colorado Springs, CO with Altitude Counseling Can Help

A couple embraces each other. They are feeling happy since starting couples counseling in Colorado Springs, CO with Altitude Counseling.

No, relationships aren’t easy. And you know that. But, should it be this difficult? Or should it be this blah? In either dynamic, couples counseling in Colorado Springs, CO can be a great place to start. However, you might have a preconceived notion of couples counseling in your mind already. Maybe you think that it’s only for couples at the end of their rope. Any minute now, they could erupt into an explosive argument that is not repairable. Or, couples counseling is only for couples that aren’t married but struggling to get through conflict. What’s more, you might think that it’s for couples that just need more “us time.” The couples that overall, are doing well, but want to focus more on having fun and “rediscovering” each other.

The correct answer? All of them! For every situation highlighted, couples counseling can be a great option.

Signs that your relationship could benefit from couples counseling

Each couple that comes into couples counseling has a unique dynamic. Relationships are complicated commitments that can be impacted by many different factors. Our couples counselors have worked with a variety of different couples at different stages in their relationship. On top of that, each couple comes in with different goals and aspirations for their work together with their counselor. Considering this, here are some common reasons that couples pursue couples counseling:

Altitude Counseling’s Approach to Couples Counseling

A couple holds fingers. They are feeling better since starting couples counseling in Colorado Springs, CO with Altitude Counseling.

When working with couples, our goal is for both of your needs to be met. Our couples counselors will work with you and your partner to address the issues that brought you in. This can look like working on communication, both verbal and nonverbal. Really taking a look at how we’re communicating our needs to our partner. And, how our communication could be interpreted. Other times, we focus on how we share space. What’s it like living together? What’s going well, and what’s not? This way, we can determine what the day-to-day looks like. And, what patterns are developing.

Gottman and Attachment

In couples counseling, we often incorporate Gottman and Attachment theory. With Gottman Approach, we evaluate the patterns of your communication in different settings. Specifically, we look at ways to disarm conflicting communication. Doing so often increases intimacy and respect within the relationship. In addition to Gottman Approach, our couples counselors also incorporate Attachment Theory. This theory allows us to evaluate what your history of attachment looks like. Yes, this means that we’re going to talk about what your household was like growing up. Although it might not seem relevant, exploring this can help us to track patterns and challenge unhelpful assumptions. By doing both, we can effectively navigate unhelpful patterns that we’re seeing in our relationship that are not contributing to the health and well-being of our relationship. .  . and our partner.

Begin Couples Counseling in Colorado Springs, CO

A couple runs together. They are feeling happy since starting couples counseling in Colorado Springs, CO with Altitude Counseling.

Couples counseling is a supportive environment that can help you to navigate your experiences in your relationship. We’re able to work with you in our local Colorado Springs counseling practice or through online therapy in Colorado. When you’re ready to begin couples counseling, follow these steps:

  1. Fill out an online appointment request.
  2. Get to know our team of couples counselors.
  3. Get your relationship to the place that you want it to be.

Other Counseling Services in Colorado

We’re happy to help you, even if you’re not looking for couples counseling. Our counselors can help in our Colorado Springs counseling practice and through online therapy in Colorado. We can work with teens, families, women, and men.  Our therapists are trained to offer CBT and EMDR.  We offer therapy for bereavementdepression, anxiety, trauma, PTSD, and substance use. For families, we offer teen counselingcounseling for new mothers, counseling for childhood neglect, and IFS.  We can’t wait to hear your story!


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