Men’s Mental Health Matters

The Problem With Being “A Man”

Society has put so many unrealistic expectations on you. What you should look like. How you should act. Who you should be. It’s awful. The amount of pressure on you to do well in every aspect of your life and “be a man” is too much. No one can be “tough” all the time. Our brains need a rest. They need a chance to process information and to feel our feelings. Tough, I know. But you don’t have to do it alone. That’s why I offer therapy for men.
But, you’re a man, so therapy isn’t supposed to be for you. You’re supposed to “suck it up”, “dust it off” and move on. Society doesn’t have room for you to have bad moments or bad days. And, don’t even think about having a bad week. According to the social pressures, you have to be a leader in this world and succeed and take care of your family. That’s it. You have heard there is no room for therapy for men. No room for feelings, mental illness, or a painful past. And, up until now, you believed it. Shoving everything under the rug was working for you. Until… it wasn’t anymore.

Grinning and Bearing it Doesn’t Work

A man sits as he stares with a blank expression, which could represent the pain of repressed emotions. Learn more about therapy for men in Colorado Springs, CO. A therapist for men can provide support with anxiety treatment, PTSD treatment, and more.

Let’s be honest, we both know that those societal standards are very unrealistic. No one can be strong and tough and happy ALL the time. It cannot happen no matter how hard you try. You are going to have ups and downs. It is part of being human.
Although, you’ve tried being tough and sucking it up, and it isn’t cutting it. You’ve tried dusting it all off and moving on, but the pain is still lingering. You may have even tried distracting yourself from your past. You hope that the feelings would fade in time, and you wouldn’t have to deal with it anymore. Yet, it all keeps coming back.
Really, it is okay. You’re human, and it is very normal to need help. There is nothing wrong with not being able to do it all on your own. Human beings weren’t made to go through life alone. So, don’t isolate yourself and shove your mental health in a corner. Allow yourself to get some help. Think about it… Rome wasn’t built in a day. And, it wasn’t built by one person. Even the greatest things need help sometimes.

Being Human Brings Challenges

You have a brain, so by default, you are going to have challenges. Being a guy doesn’t mean you can’t feel insecure about your weight or your appearance. You may want to cry in the shower at night or struggle to eat a healthy meal each day. You’re allowed to have moments of weakness and you’re allowed to not have it all together. It is okay to feel as though the world around you is crumbling or like everything is moving too fast. You can be a man and still have emotional challenges. It is okay. Mental illnesses don’t discriminate, so why does society?
An man who appears sad stares off into the ground. This could symbolize being cut off from emotions. Learn how therapy for men in Colorado Springs, CO can provide support. A therapist for men would be honored to support you with PTSD treatment in Colorado and other services.

As a reminder, men can…

And still be…

  • Strong
  • Successful
  • Worthy
  • Tough
  • Lovable
  • Enough
To help put it into perspective, here are a few statistics about men’s mental health. Six million men in the US are battling depression right now. When it comes to binge-eating, 35% of people struggling are men. And, 1 in 5 men is likely to develop an alcohol dependency at some point in their lives as an unhealthy coping mechanism. Guys, it is time to speak up and get help. You are not alone.

Therapy for Men Can Help

Men’s mental health matters. We want to help you believe that you are worthy of receiving therapy for men. Our therapists are ready to help you. We know that working through your feelings is going to be hard. It makes sense to not quite know what you are feeling or “what the problem is”. You’re expected to suppress your feelings for most of your life. As a result, you’ve never actually had a chance to even sit with your thoughts. And if you have… they’ve flooded in so fast that it was entirely too much to handle. That can be terrifying and lead to some very heavy thoughts. Dealing with those thoughts is hard when you have never had the chance to learn any real coping skills. Think about it- were you ever told that it was okay to cry?

What to Expect When Starting Therapy for Men

A therapist gestures as they talk to a male client. This could represent the support a therapist for men in Colorado Springs, CO can provide. Learn more about therapy for men in Colorado Springs, CO, PTSD treatment, and other services.

We know that when you come to us, there is a good chance that you have no idea where to start, what to say, or how to feel. It is going to take time before you are comfortable enough with your thoughts to share them. Don’t worry, we are patient and here to support you. Let’s dig into your mind together and work through it in a safe, supportive place.
Together, we can work on skills to help you become more comfortable with your emotions. This means learning to accept your feelings and starting to respect your bad days. It isn’t going to be easy, but it is possible. Through therapy for men, you can work to reframe the way you think about your mental health. Together, we can fight back against society’s unrealistic standards. Because here, your mental health does matter.

Begin Therapy for Men in Colorado Springs, CO

Connecting with your emotions is harder than it sounds. But, that’s why we are happy to offer support from our Colorado Springs, CO-based counseling practice. Our team of caring therapists will be with you every step of the way. To start therapy for men, follow these simple steps:
  1. Fill out an appointment request
  2. Meet with a caring therapist
  3. Star connecting with your emotions

Other Services Offered at Altitude Counseling

Therapy for men isn’t the only service we provide at our Colorado Springs, CO-based counseling practice. Other services offered include counseling for depression, anxiety, trauma, PTSD, and grief. Specific approaches our team uses include EMDR, CBT, and IFS therapy. We also provide social anxiety treatment, counseling for emotional neglect, and therapy for teens. We can offer services to anyone living in the state of Colorado with online therapy. Learn more about our practice by visiting our FAQ or blog pages!

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