How Faith-Based Counseling Can Help You Overcome Your Mental Health Concerns

Faith-Based Counseling is for Everyone

First of all, faith-based counseling can be for anyone. You don’t have to look, act, or believe a certain way for faith-based counseling to help. Come as you are and allow yourself to be vulnerable in your therapy sessions. You are worthy of help and deserve to see someone who respects your faith, or lack thereof. It is much easier to work through your mental battles when you can work through the connections between them and your core beliefs. What you believe about yourself and what you believe about the world are intertwined. So, it only makes sense to seek therapy that encourages you to express your beliefs.

Your Religious Beliefs Are a Key Part of Who You Are

A cross sits atop a mound with the sun in the background. This represents faith-based counseling in Colorado Springs, CO, and the support a faith-based counselor in Colorado can provide. Learn more from an online therapist in Colorado Springs, CO today!

You’ve always identified as someone of the faith. You were raised to believe, behave, and interact with others in a particular way. So, you need to see a therapist who respects that. But, your faith may not match the typical Christian faith. Thus, you worry about how that might affect your journey to healing.
Your faith means a lot to you. Whether you pray, read your bible, put all your trust into a higher power, or worship in other ways. And now, you need help with your mental health. This can be nerve-racking. You want to see a faith-based counselor who understands and respects your beliefs and can add them as part of your healing journey.
We understand navigating your mental health while respecting your faith can be hard. You may have a strong foundation in faith, have lost your way, or have other feelings towards your faith. No matter what, we are here for you. A faith-based counselor will work to make a safe space for you in therapy. Together, you can explore these intimate parts of your life and who you are. We know that working through your faith isn’t always easy, but you don’t have to do it alone.

You Are Strongly Rooted in Your Faith

Mental health and faith are easily incorporated because they are both a part of who you are. Your mental well-being is influenced by your faith. And through counseling, you can work to accept what you know your religion or faith says of you. We know that your decisions, motivations, and relationships are all influenced by your faith and that respecting that is crucial to healing.

Incorporating Your Faith into The Healing Process

A man sits with eyes closed next to the open water. This represents the inner peace that faith-based counseling in Colorado Springs, CO can provide. Contact a faith-based counselor in Colorado today for more information!

Through your beliefs, you may have found the motivation to heal, which is why you are reading this right now. You know it is time for change and you are ready to consider it. Whether you know what your faith says you’re purpose is, or reminds you who you’re meant to be, we are here to support you. We can focus on that motivation to help you work through any mental health challenges you are facing.
Again, your faith says something about who you are and defines you. Use it as a strength. Sometimes mental illnesses can cloud our judgment. It can cause us to forget what matters in life. Hold onto your core beliefs and reinforce them in therapy to help you remember what this life is all about.
Your faith may tell you what will help you most with getting through the hard times. For example, prayer and worship may be what you know will help the most. But, you may also still need a little bit of help. Our faith-based counselors are here to guide you. They will provide support throughout the therapeutic process. If you prefer to pray, read the bible, or worship in other ways, faith-based counseling may be right for you.

Reconnecting to Your Faith Through Faith-Based Counseling

You don’t have to hold strong roots in your beliefs to go to faith-based counseling. Maybe you have an interest in faith-based counseling because you’ve lost touch with your faith. You feel broken and lost and have lost hope in a higher being. We understand that having those thoughts can feel isolating and terrifying. Talking to your family and friends about this is hard because they are still rooted in their beliefs. You want to be that way too, but right now, everything is clouded by other thoughts in your head. That is okay. We are here to listen and help you work through any disconnect you may feel. We don’t have to talk about a higher power, prayer, or worshipping at all. You set the tone and we will follow. We want to ensure you’re comfortable and feel respected throughout the healing process.
All in all, your mental health matters. And, your core beliefs matter. Faith-based counseling can help you work through any dynamic related to your faith and mental health. Completely traditional or lesser followed, your faith and religion are respected here. Together, let’s use your beliefs to help you get on a path towards healing.

Begin Faith-Based Counseling in Colorado Springs, CO

A cross sits atop a mound with the sun in the background. This represents faith-based counseling in Colorado Springs, CO, and the support a faith-based counselor in Colorado can provide. Learn more from an online therapist in Colorado Springs, CO today!

Meeting with a counselor that understands your faith can make all the difference in therapy.  Our caring therapists are happy to help you feel more secure in your faith and improve your mental health. We can provide you with the tools to recover from our Colorado Springs, CO-based counseling practice. To start your counseling journey, please follow these simple steps:
  1. Complete an appointment request
  2. Meet our caring therapists 
  3. Start reconnecting with your faith, and yourself!

Other Services Offered at Altitude Counseling

Faith-based counseling isn’t the only service that we offer at our Colorado Springs, CO-based counseling practice. Other mental health services provided include counseling for depression, trauma, grief, anxiety treatment, and social anxiety treatment. Specific approaches we use include EMDR, IFS, and CBT. We also offer counseling for emotional neglect, therapy for men, therapy for teens, PTSD treatment, and online therapy. Feel free to learn more from our FAQ or blog pages!

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