Yep. It’s Time to Start Anxiety Treatment in Colorado Springs, CO

Anxiety is a very common experience.

A woman mays in bed with a blank stare on her face. This could represent the discomfort of anxiety in Colorado Springs, CO. Contact an anxiety therapist in Colorado Springs, CO for info on anxiety treatment in Colorado Springs, CO. Anxiety counseling can support you in overcoming your fears!

We hear this all the time. Many people experience anxiety. It often comes after big life changes. But, most people can figure out how to deal with it. And, well, there is some truth to that. Lots of people do experience symptoms of anxiety at some point in their life. Of course, we all experience it at different levels. And, for different reasons. Some of us are college students navigating life changes. Others are in a serious relationship and could be considering couples counseling. What’s more, others are first-time parents learning the ropes of everything that goes with it. Sure, most of these are pretty common experiences. And if most people have to deal with them, does it make them that bad?

Yes, it absolutely does.

Anxiety can be debilitating and life-altering. Anxiety can make our insides feel like Jell-O. Plus, it makes us second-guess everything we’ve ever said, thought, done, or felt. Navigating life with anxiety can make most situations feel like life and death. Yet, in reality, the stakes are not even close to that. Consider a dinner party. You invite a few friends to it. But somehow, anxiety got an invitation. The thing about anxiety is that it often brings its’ cousin- depression. And sometimes, grief. Anxiety doesn’t like to come to the party alone. So anytime they have the opportunity to have a plus one, they take it. The dish that anxiety brings to the party is fear of inescapable doom– the main course. Depression brings a few side dishes, like intense sadness and sleep disturbances. Unfortunately, they both help out with the dessert- ruminating thoughts topped with self-deprecation.

Let’s be real, anxiety is no joke. And it shouldn’t be taken lightly.

There’s a good chance that you’re reading this right now and feel like you’re at that dinner party every day. You’re at the point that anxiety has taken over your daily life. You’ve done everything that you can think of and nothing has worked. At this point, you know that it’s time to start anxiety treatment. If this you, great! Our Colorado Springs, CO-based counseling practice is ready to help you with anxiety treatment.

However, we know that not everyone is at this point.

And that’s okay! Everyone is starting from a different place. Our anxiety therapists have seen a common theme when people thinking about starting anxiety treatment. Often, a common theme is not feeling certain that it’s time to start anxiety treatment. Our therapists get it. Sometimes, it’s not clear if you’re at that point. Because this point is different for each person, it can be tough to tell! Sometimes you make the jump and google “anxiety treatment in Colorado Springs, CO.” You find a counseling practice you think could be a great fit, and select “schedule your first appointment.” But, you back out. You talk yourself out of doing because you aren’t so sure.

If this is you, here are 3 signs that it’s time to start anxiety treatment in Colorado Springs, CO.

Sign 1 it’s time to start anxiety treatment: Sleep is a thing of the past.

It just doesn’t happen. If it does, it’s much less than what it used to be. Your sleep is often interrupted with circling thoughts. You find yourself having intrusive thoughts. These thoughts wake you up from the middle of a REM cycle. It’s often about things you avoid thinking about. Other times, these thoughts are more obsessive. They might not be anxiety-provoking in nature, but your mind doesn’t let you not think about them. Sometimes it pretty minimal things. It might be what you need from the grocery store or what your to-do list looks like for the next day. In either situation, it’s very irritating, to say the least.

The thing about sleep is that it’s super important. In fact, it is important to almost every aspect of our life. If it isn’t happening, you aren’t functioning at a level that is beneficial for you. If this hits the nail on the head for you, it’s time to start anxiety treatment in Colorado Springs, CO.

A woman covers her face in a crowd as people walk around her. This could represent the pain of anxiety. We offer anxiety treatment in Colorado Springs, CO. Contact an anxiety therapist for more info on anxiety counseling and how we can support you! In addition, we offer online therapy in Colorado.

Sign 2 it’s time to start anxiety treatment: The “what-if” game never ends.

Regardless of the situation, you’re already thinking of the next step or possibility. Often, in situations that it’s not needed or necessary. Sometimes it’s specific to social situations. Before entering a social situation, social anxiety peaks. Then you go down the rabbit hole of guessing everyone’s thoughts. Before talking to anyone, you’ve decided that everyone thinks less of you. You may think that you’re not smart, thin, funny, or attractive enough.

The information that contradicts any of these statements doesn’t cross your mind. Instead, you’re focused on what you’ve decided they think about you. The what-if game shows up in different situations, as well. Sometimes it’s related to safety. Before a situation happens, you’ve already thought of everything that can go wrong. And, you’ve decided that most things will go wrong.

This phenomenon is called hypervigilance. To be hypervigilant means to be “on alert” at all times, regardless of the situation. A constant state of hypervigilance can have serious lasting effects on your hormones and body. If this is what you’re going through, it’s been time to start anxiety treatment in Colorado Springs, CO.

Sign 3 it’s time to start anxiety treatment: It’s been too long since you said something nice to yourself.

You are your own punching bag at this point. Anytime you get to say something mean to yourself or about yourself, you take full advantage of the opportunity. Sometimes it’s out loud. But most of the time, it’s in your mind. The way you talk to yourself would shock other people if they heard it. These are phrases that can hurt you to your core. And, are sharp enough to cause doubt across the board. Part of you knows that these thoughts aren’t true. But during these times, it seems like that part of you goes on vacation and doesn’t have cell service. No amount of reasoning from someone else can change the way you think about yourself. Sometimes, you convince yourself that they’re lying and that they don’t know the real you. Because if they did, they would never contradict you. On some days, you’re so harsh that you feel embarrassed. Embarrassed to the point that you wonder if other people can feel it, too.

This pattern of self-talk represents self-loathing. Self-loathing thought patterns are often a slippery slope of engaging in speech or activities that can have a harsh impact on us. If this is how you talk to yourself, it’s time to start anxiety treatment in Colorado Springs, CO.

Begin Anxiety Treatment in Colorado Springs, COA clients hand's gesture as the person across from them writes on their clipboard. This could represent anxiety treatment in Colorado Springs, CO. Contact an anxiety therapist for more info on anxiety therapy and our other services!

If you wait any longer, you won’t do it. An experienced therapist can help you start overcoming anxiety today! Anxiety treatment at our Colorado Springs, CO-based counseling practice might be the missing piece to help you control anxiety. Your anxiety shouldn’t make life more difficult than it needs to be. When you’re ready to begin anxiety treatment, follow these steps:

  1. Get to know our team of counselors.
  2. Stop anxiety at the door, and feel more at peace!

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