3 Reasons Why Starting Counseling in 2021 Makes Sense

So, we all know how 2020 went. It wasn’t great.

And really, that’s an understatement. As a nation, we navigated a lot of different obstacles that were thrown at us. It seems like the year 2020 was a century long. And, was filled with enough challenges that will take a century to recover from. And, with all of that in mind, you’re still here- reading this blog! Sure, that might not seem like a lot. But, it’s still something.

You’re probably thinking about what’s next for you.

And you should be! The great thing about considering ‘what’s next’ is the possibilities that are in store. Yes, we’re still navigating wildness and barriers. And, we can think about where we want our life to be headed. Of course, this is going to look different for everyone. For some, the next step could be going back to school and finishing your master’s degree that’s been on the back burner. For others, this could be moving to the place that you’ve always wanted to live. Or, it’s something a bit smaller. For some of us, this could be working on the relationship we have with ourselves. Yep, this blog is going there.

Regardless of your ‘what’s next’, starting counseling can help you get there.

A photo of two people is captured in front of mountains. They represent people reflecting on life and enjoying the peace that come from nature. Our therapists help you reflect on childhood abuse, stressors and loss through counseling in Colorado Springs, CO. This couple could also represent a couple who has gone through marriage online in colorado and now feel closer to one another.

Okay, here me out. Whatever your life looks like now or will look like in the future, counseling can help you to achieve success in getting to that point. What we know about counseling is that it has many benefits regardless of if it’s in person or online. Pretty cool, huh?

1. Counseling can help you challenge the patterns you’ve been trying to break.

We all have them. And, they all look different. For some of us, we find ourselves engaging in emotional eating then feeling excessive guilt afterward. We spent too much time berating ourselves for the “mistake” that we make, swear to never do it again, then find ourselves doing the same thing shortly after. Or, we keeping have relationships that we know aren’t good for us. In any realm, whether it be intimate, friend, or work. These relationships continue to have an impact on our well-being. It might not always be obvious what the impact is, but there’s a decent chance that it shows up in places it shouldn’t. Like sleep, our appetite, or our sex drive. On top of that, it can exacerbate our experiences with anxiety, depression, or substance use.

Therapy can help you to explore these relationships and other problematic behaviors in a safe way. Within the scope of confidentiality, what you share during your counseling session stays in your counseling session. With this in mind, you don’t have to worry about others in your life finding out that you’re considering cutting your ties with them. Or, that you’re thinking about changing your lifestyle. The only way they’ll know is if you tell them.

2. Counseling is a great way to practice self-care.

A picture of a woman in the sunshine is shown. She looks free and happy representing the freedom and happiness that can come from working with a skilled therapist. At Altitude Counseling, our therapists offer depression counseling, anxiety treatment, teen counseling & more in Colorado Springs, CO or with online therapy anywhere in Colorado to help people find emotional freedom and more happiness.

We don’t mean bath bombs and expressive drinks made out of vegetables. Legitimate self-care. Taking time to intentionally check in with yourself and genuinely  notice how you’re feeling. This looks like taking a moment to explore your senses. To close your eyes and feel your shoulder blades rest against the back of the chair. To allow your shoulders to fall from your ears and let them rest. Taking a moment to notice where the tension is in your body, and do your best to relax that area. Acknowledging your breath without changing it, and feeling how it comes in and out through your noise. Wasn’t that nice? You probably haven’t done that in a while. The cool thing about therapy is that we do that a lot! This is just one example of a mindfulness exercise. 

On top of cool things we do in session, we teach you skills to use when you’re outside of session. This way you’re prepared to navigate situations that are difficult.

3.  Counseling is a time that’s focused on you.

Not your partner, your neighbor, or your boss. Just you. The entire hour is dedicated to you. This is the one hour a week that you don’t have to worry about what is going on with everyone else. You’re not worrying about how to make everyone else happy or read their minds. With your therapist, you have the chance to have conversations that you might not feel comfortable having with anyone else. On top of that, there’s no judgment from your therapist. Sure, your therapist will be honest with you. But, it won’t come from a place of malintent. For some folks, this will be one of the only times that they get an honest and open space. And, you might find that you like that!

Begin Therapy in Colorado Springs, CO

A girl is smiling in front of a wooden background. She represents someone who has found inner joy through counseling in Colorado. If you're looking for a counselor in Colorado, our therapists help with everything from emotional neglect, marriage problems and more!

Starting counseling in Colorado Springs, CO can help you to determine your best ‘what’s next’ step is. Our therapists are trained in a variety of different treatment modalities and can help you navigate a variety of different experiences. When you’re ready to begin therapy, follow these steps:

  1. Get to know our team of therapists.
  2. Invest in yourself and reap the benefits.

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